Nineteenth-Century History
Below are listed a collection of documents I have used in teaching my courses on the nineteenth century (roughly 1815 through the first World War). All are available as PDF files by clicking on the author or title. The columns are sortable by clicking on the column headings. (The sorting is done by your computer, so it may take a few moments if you have many programs running.) If you have any comments or suggestions, I am available at

Author Title Locale Date
Morning ChronicleThe Morning Chronicle Assasination of Spencer Perceval  England 11 May 1812 
  Open Letter to the Home Secretary  England 1819 
Robertson, ElisabethElisabeth Robertson Coronation of George IV  England 24 Jul 1821 
Heber, ReginaldReginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta Calcutta  England — India 27 Sep 1825 
  Irish Police Reports  Ireland 1 Jan 1828 
Anglesey, Marquis ofHenry Paget, Marquis of Anglesey Roman Catholic Association  England 3 Jul 1828 
Fitzgerald, VeseyW. Vesey Fitzgerald County Clare Election  Ireland — County Clare 5 Jul 1828 
Peel, RobertRobert Peel Catholic Question The Catholic Question  England 12 Jan 1829 
  Report on the Disturbed Districts of East Sussex  England — Sussex 1833 
Penny MagazineThe Penny Magazine Mines of Cornwall and Wales  England 5 Sep 1835 
Victoria Princess Victoria London Society  England 14 Mar 1837 
Sopp, HenryHenry Sopp Testimony on the Poor Law  England 17 Mar 1837 
Victoria Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom Coronation of Queen Victoria  England 28 Jun 1838 
Times London Times On Religious Education  England 16 Aug 1838 
Stephens, Joseph Rayner Joseph Rayner Stephens Political Preacher The Political Preacher  England 6 Jan 1839 
Victoria Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom On Prince Albert  England 15 Oct 1839 
Greeley, Horace Horace Greeley The Crystal Palace and Its Lessons  England Nov 1851 
Kemball, Arnold Arnold Burrowes Kemball Cargo of the Centaur  England 17 Aug 1852