Renaissance and Reformation History
Below are listed a collection of documents I have used in teaching on the Renaissance and Reformation periods (roughly 1250 through 1618). All are available as PDF files by clicking on the title. The columns are sortable by clicking on the column headings. (The sorting is done by your computer, so it may take a few moments if you have many programs running.) If you have any comments or suggestions, I am available at

Please note that military history documents are found on their own page, as are many other documents from other periods.

Author Title Locale Date
anonymous Election of the Doge  Italies — Venice 1268 
Bonatus, Guido Considerations  Italies — Florence 1275 
Dante Letter to King Henry VII  Italies — Tuscany 16 Apr 1311 
Dante Letter to Guido II  Italies — Venice 30 Mar 1314 
Gadgrave, Geoffrey dede Gadgrave, Geoffrey Indenture  England (Norfolk) — Lynn 26 Feb 1378 
Wyclif, John On the Papacy  England 1384 
Heidelberg, University of Charter  Germanies (Palatinate) — Heidelberg 1386 
Busch, Johann Visitation  Netherlands — Zutphen 1450 
Worcester, Earl ofJohn Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester Jousting Rules  England — Windsor 19 Mar 1466 
Richard III Duke of Buckingham's Rebellion  England (Lincolnshire) — Lincoln 22 Oct 1483 
Innocent VIII Summis Desiderantes Affectibus  Italies — Rome 5 Dec 1484 
York Town Council After Bosworth Field  England 23 Aug 1485 
Henry VII, King of England Declaration After Bosworth Field  England 28 Aug 1485 
anonymous Coronation of King Henry VII  England — London 1485 
Bisticci, Vespasiano dada Bisticci, Vespasiano Ducal Library at Urbino  Italies — Urbino 1490 
Medici, Lorenzo dede Medici, Lorenzo Advice for his Son  Italies — Florence 1492 
Isabel I, Queen of Castile Privileges Granted to Christopher Columbus  America (Spanish) 30 Apr 1492 
Columbus, Christopher Diary  America (Spanish) Oct 1492 
Columbus, Christopher Announcing His Discoveries  America (Spanish) 15 Feb 1493 
Kildare, Earl of Refusal of Henry VII's Summons  Ireland 5 Jun 1493 
Henry VII Patent for John Cabot  England 5 Mar 1496 
Velho, Álvarez Voyage to India  India (Portuguese) 1497 
Henry VII Perkin Warbeck Before Exeter  England (Devon) — Exeter 20 Sep 1497 
Ayala, Pedro dade Ayala, Pedro Description of Henry VII  England 25 Jul 1498 
Warbeck, Perkin Confession  England 1499 
Manuel I, King of Portugal Vasco da Gama's Voyage to India  India (Portuguese) Jul 1499 
Ferdinand II, King of Aragon Pardon for the Moors of Granada  Spain (Andalucia) — Granada 26 Feb 1500 
anonymous Meeting at Calais  England — Calais 9 Jun 1500 
Audley, Jeff Will  England (Essex) — Earls Colne 18 Sep 1503 
anonymous Royal Joust  England 12 Feb 1511 
Pasqualigo Description of Henry VIII  England 1515 
More, Sir Thomas Making of Beggars and ThievesThe Making of Beggars and Thieves  England 1516 
Ellerker, Sir Ralph Bond for Poaching  England (Yorkshire) — Beverley 9 Aug 1516 
anonymous Ships of the Royal Navy  England 22 Oct 1516 
Albert, Archbishop of Mainz Instructions on Indulgences  Germanies (Mainz) — Mainz 1517 
Tetzel, Johann Sermon on Indulgences  Germanies 1517 
Henry VIII, King of England Letter to Cardinal Wolsey  England Aug 1517 
Luther, Martin 95 Theses  Germanies (Saxony) — Wittenberg 31 Oct 1517 
Luther, Martin Letter to Archbishop Albert of Mainz  Germanies (Saxony) — Wittenberg 31 Oct 1517 
Giustiniani, Sebastian Description of Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey  England 10 Sep 1519 
Giustiniani, Sebastian Description of Henry VIII  England 10 Sep 1519 
Cortés, Hernan Letter to Charles V  America (Spanish) — Mexico 15200101 1520 
von Hutten, Ulrich Letter to Frederick III of Saxony  Germanies (Palatinate) — Ebernburg 15200911 11 Sep 1520 
anonymous Notes on the Visit of Charles V to England  England 15220101 1522 
Alvarado y Contreras, Pedro dede Alvarado y Contreras, Pedro Conquest of Guatemala  America (Spanish) — Guatemala 15240411 11 Apr 1524 
Alvarado y Contreras, Pedro dede Alvarado y Contreras, Pedro Conquest of Guatemala  America (Spanish) — Guatemala 15240728 28 Jul 1524 
Wolsey, Thomas On the Papal Election  England 15240930 30 Sep 1524 
Henry VIII, King of England Letter to Anne Boleyn  England 15280501 May 1528 
Boleyn, Anne Letter to Cardinal Wolsey  England 15280901 Sep 1528 
Wolsey, Thomas Letter to Henry VIII  England 15291009 9 Oct 1529 
Maltese Ambassadors Oath of Loyalty to King Charles of Sicily  Italies — Sicily 15300509 9 May 1530 
Cranmer, ThomasThomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury Henry VIII's Annulment  England 15330101 1533 
Parliament of England Act of Supremacy  England 15340101 1534 
anonymous Suppresion of Tewkesbury Monastery  England 15360109 9 Jan 1536 
Boleyn, Anne Letter to Henry VIII  England 15360506 6 May 1536 
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Instructions to His Vice-Chancellor  Germanies 15361001 Oct 1536 
Cromwell, Thomas Injunctions to the Clergy  England 15380101 1538 
Coronado, Francisco dede Coronado, Francisco Vázquez Exploration  America (Spanish) 15410101 1541 
Parliament of England Attainder of Queen Katherine  England 15420101 1542 
Henry VIII, King of England Speech at the Opening of Parliament  England 15460101 1546 
Edward VI, King of England Charter of the Merchant Adventurers  England (Northumberland) — Newcastle 15470901 1 Sep 1547 
las Casas, Bartolome dede las Casas, Bartolomé Destruction of the Indies  America (Spanish) 15500101 1550 
Xavier, Francis On Japan  Japan 15510101 1551 
Machyn, Henry Diary  England — London 15530411 11 Apr 1553 
Grey, Lady Jane Claim to the Throne  England 15530701 Jul 1553 
Mary I, Queen of England Claim to the Throne  England 15530709 9 Jul 1553 
Lords of the Council Answer to Mary I  England 15530709 9 Jul 1553 
Parliament of England Act for the Marriage of Mary I  England 15540101 1554 
Mary I, Queen of England Royal Injunctions on Religion  England 15540101 1554 
Mary I, Queen of England Order to Execute Bishop John Hooper  England 15550101 1555 
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain Abdication  Spain 15551025 25 Oct 1555 
Stafford, Thomas Proclamation of Rebellion  England 15570401 Apr 1557 
Parliament of England Interrogatories to Churchwardens  England 15580606 6 Jun 1558 
Soriano, Michele Wealth of Spain  Spain 15590101 1559 
anonymous Coronation of Elizabeth I  England 15590115 15 Jan 1559 
Drapers' Brotherhood Cloth Trade Regulations  England (Yorkshire) — Beverly 15610101 1561 
Elizabeth I, Queen of England Peace Treaty with France  England 15640411 11 Apr 1564 
Menendez de Aviles, Don Pedro Founding of Saint Augustine  America (Spanish) — Florida 15650901 Sep 1565 
Elizabeth I, Queen of England Letter to Elizabeth Hoby  England (Oxfordshire) — Oxford 15660901 Sep 1566 
Drapers' Brotherhood Ordinances of the Drapers  England (Yorkshire) — Beverly 15720101 1572 
Parliament of England Poor Law  England 15720101 1572 
Norfolk, Duke of, Howard, ThomasThomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk Letter to His Children  England 15720120 20 Jan 1572 
Philip II, King of Spain Ordinances for Urban Planning  America (Spanish) 15730703 3 Jul 1573 
Paré, Ambroise Of Things Natural  France 15750101 1575 
Sande, Francisco dede Sande, Francisco Letter to the Sultan of Brunei  Asia (Spanish) — Philippines 15780413 13 Apr 1578 
Cely, Thomas Prisoner in Spain  Spain (Andalucia) — El Puerto de Santa María 15791212 12 Dec 1579 
anonymous Investigation of Tristram Tildsley  England (Yorkshire) — Rutherforth 15810714 14 Jul 1581 
Greville, Sir Fulke Death of Sir Philip Sidney  England 15861001 Oct 1586 
anonymous Trial of Geillis Duncan  Scotland (Haddingtonshire) — Tranent 15900101 1590 
Dasmariñas, Gómez Pérez Conquest of Mindanao  Asia (Spanish) — Philippines 15910512 12 May 1591 
Elizabeth I, Queen of England Letter to Henry IV of France  England 15931112 12 Nov 1593 
Feake, William Will of a Goldsmith  England — London 15950507 7 May 1595 
Monterrey, Conde deGaspar de Zúñiga, Conde de Monterrey Exploration of Baja California  America (Spanish) — Mexico 15960229 29 Feb 1596 
Sheppard, Richard Inquest into the Death of James Feake  England — London 15961210 10 Dec 1596 
Puritans Millenary Petition  England 16030401 Apr 1603 
Hughes, Lewis Bermuda  America (English) — Bermuda 16141221 21 Dec 1614 
Bacon, Francis On the Wool Trade  England 16161014 14 Oct 1616 
Jahangir, Mughal Emperor Welcoming English Traders  India 16140101 1617